Upstate Niagara's farmer-owned cooperative consists of about 270 family-owned farms that work hard to make the very best tasting dairy products possible. It's that level of dedication that sets us apart, and makes the quality of our milk second-to-none. Because for us, valuing quality doesn't stop at the farm. It's something every one of our associates embraces, every single day – and that’s what makes all the difference.

You'll find that difference at Upstate Niagara every step of the way. It begins with how we value our cows and gets passed down to the quality of our partnerships. From the milk parlor to the processing plant, to our distributors and customers, time-honored values like hard work, dedication, and integrity really mean something. They are part of who we are. That means quality milk, superior products and honest-to-goodness relationships… right from the start.